White Tattoo Ink Designs: What’s the Appeal?

White tattoo ink designs are another trend that tattoo ink shops are receiving request for by all types of clients. This different sort of tattoo, which is inked only with white shade, is favored by more and more individuals including celebrities. Lindsay Lohan has a White tattoo ink that says “relax”. White tattoo ink designs are more unpretentious than some other tattoos and on account of the moderately lighter shade that is displayed on the skin, it can be effectively covered up when required for various events. This may be one of the reasons why it is so mainstream.

To perfectly place a white tattoo ink design on someone and make it look right a sharp hand is required and a good eye. Otherwise, these interesting looking White tattoo ink designs might end up appearing to be a scar and who want to pay for scarred skin? There are, for the most part, a few things that you should know before you decide to get a White tattoo ink design laid out perfectly.

One consideration is what should not happen. Typically, when getting a conventional tattoo, the first step that happens is one that needs to be skipped when thinking about a White tattoo ink. A stencil of purple color may be laid onto the skin before the craftsman ever starts inking. This is not the best way to go with White tattoo ink designs. The reason this strategy should be skipped when laying White tattoo inks is because the white ink may become mixed with the dim stencil ink and leave a changeless dark tint on your white tattoo.

Another thought you may want to ask the tattoo artist about is blood lining. In this procedure, the initial tattoo outline on the skin is done without any pigment. The craftsman utilizes a water-filled needle to outline the tattoo. In essence, when you blood line a tattoo it means you are basically just having the tattoo artist scratch the outline of the tattoo on the skin. After a minute or so, this scratch becomes red and irritated showing the tattoo design without any ink. The idea is to make an outline that you can see easily. Unfortunately, this may not be best for White tattoo ink designs because the blood may blend with the white shade, bringing about a pink tattoo instead of the white one you were hoping to show off.

The third decision is to allow the artist to freehand the design. This is a long shot and takes a lot of trust. Freehand performing, whether it is for a White tattoo ink design or traditional tattoo, means that the craftsman isn’t using any kind of stencil or outline to follow as the design is placed on the skin. To do this, a craftsman must be talented, experienced and cautious. Since white color is light and it is hard for a tattooist to see where they are going and where the shade is infused, it may not be the best decision.


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