Digital Story Post #1

My Plan:

I would like to create a digital story that centers around an aspect of the college experience that pertains both to myself and the college’s diversity on a whole. More specifically, I’d like to ask other mixed-race students what the experience of being biracial on campus is like. This could almost include auto-ethnographical elements as well because of my own outlook and personal experiences.

I chose this approach because I feel somewhat isolated as a mixed-race person. There is quite a bit of racial divide in our country currently and It’s hard to be entirely sure where you stand in society’s eyes. My roommate (who is also biracial) has expressed similar views. I feel that this topic is not only pertinent to myself but also others in the mixed community (there’s a term that doesn’t get tossed around much). My hope with the end result is to create a project that will help to encapsulate and define the feelings and attitudes of other biracial people on campus.

I would do this by conducting interviews with other mixed race students and (if I can find them) faculty. I would then compare their experiences to my own and extrapolate, trying to create a more complete picture of the mixed-race experience at The U.

Some questions I would both ask and consider personally:

How has being mixed race affected your relations with people of your respective component ethnicities?

Do you think you are treated differently than other people of color?

What assumptions do people make about you based on your mixed-race heritage?

Do you identify as one race or another more strongly?

How do you feel mixed-race people are portrayed in the media?

How has being mixed race impacted your educational experience?

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