Post 1: Options

Which option am I choosing for my digital story? I am choosing option number 1, for the reason that it focuses on the campus life of the Univerity of Minnesota, and how I might be affected my it, and how my experience compares to others. It provides the opportunity to look at the University of Minnesota and see what the inhabitants of the University are completing, and how their lives might or might not compare to the experiences that I am having, and have had. It porvides the most flexability. How I would gather the information for this story is by going out and doing things at the University, going out and attending events, recording what it is that I have experience, and then later asking others how their experiences differed, or were similar, and if they even had these experiences. How will my experience as a first generation college student compare to those who are not first generation? How will my college experience differ being male? How will my college experience differ being in CLA than those not in CLA? How will my experience differ not doing service learning than those who are doing service learning? All of these question will guide me to find answers and complete my digital story.