Angular vs React — the DEAL BREAKER
Dominik T

my 2 cents here are on Angular.

Angular2 has a new tool that is going to step it above other languages. It’s called the Angular CLI. (command line interface).

So, it will basically make the structure of an A2 project for you, and have it work, and have it set up in webpack with bundling and tree-shaking. You develop in TypeScript, it keeps a copy of your site open in your browser, held in memory, and all the JS is mapped to your typescript.

Then, when you’re ready to release, it goes through your code and copies only the functions and classes from Angular (and your own stuff) that is actually used, bundles it up, and minifies it. Projects end up being insanely small. Honestly, I was stunned. Seriously, I’ve been doing this for almost 2 decades and this is like magic.

However, I’ve been programming in AngularJS for about 2 years now. It’s been awesome and my clients all love the speed and smoothness. I’ve been practicing A2 for almost a year, but it just isn’t ready for a real project unless you’re willing to seriously sacrifice some 3rd party tools and risk changes inherent in new releases.

Remember, A2 has only been out of beta for about 6 months. This is brand-spankin’ new. We’ve had problems with Bootstrap and Material Design. Neither are bug-free yet.

Until A2 is more stable, my clients will all be on AngularJS, even though so many people now think it’s not the coolest kid on the block. A2, however, is going to be the most valuable language you can have, in terms of a paycheck.

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