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You know what’s bad? He put out a statement of the event that was 100% fabricated and placed the entire blame of the event on the reporter.

And nobody cares at all. The man put out a blatant lie and it’s OK.

Grab a man by the throat, knock him down, and punch him, in front of witnesses, then tell everyone a total lie and you know what? nobody cares.

THIS is the problem with the new right wing. They just don’t give a flying fck about the truth. As far as they’re concerned, its the volume of lies that count.

If there was a rape case and they could pull up hundreds of websites where they reported the rapist’s denials fictional statements saying the girl was begging for it, that slew of unproven allegations is just as valid a defense as a video of the rape itself is as proof.

Even the balance is insane. If a republican embezzled money, they’d come back and find some democrat, at ANY point in the entire history of the party’s existence, who had embezzled more…. as if that somehow makes it OK for the republican.

Even if you point it out, they come back with the same kind of attack, looking for democrat conspiracy theories, as if somehow someone else’s conspiracy proves theirs is true.

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