Drivers of Tech

Immediately after the Andela Workshops, there was only a single weekend break before we got into the Bootcamp where the learning process is accelerated but all the same, receiving much support from fellow applicants and facilitators.

I had interacted with many individuals during the workshops as I sought help and also provided help where I could but one person stood out from the rest since he was always eager to help, I would even say he was more than eager to help out where one was stuck or was experiencing a blocker.

During the first day of Andela workshops, I felt that I was in a completely new environment and I finally settled when the facilitator informed us that we would have to form groups and collaborate with each other in the groups.

One of the group members was Kelvin Mwangi; a guy who always walked into the workshop hall wearing headphones that had a dim glow of LED lights on the outer side of the speakers. I always wondered how he walked at night wearing glowing headphones, hmm. Kelvin really loves listening to music while walking, that’s one of the interesting things about him. Besides his passion for music, Kelvin is one of the people that I always turned to when I ran into an error with setting up my Python Flask Virtual environment. Whenever I had problems with setting up the environment I would get angry and wonder why it was difficult to set it up but Kelvin would always find a way of helping me out until I finally understood the best practices of setting it up and I was actually glad when we ended up in the same group during boot camp.

Andrew Njaya joined us during the first day of Bootcamp and one thing that really stood out with him is that he was very inquisitive, whenever he did not understand a concept or a procedure, he was always careful enough to ask before engaging it. I really got to appreciate the power of inquiring or seeking help whenever stuck instead of wasting so much time trying to figure out stuff on your own.

Tech Drivers: Charcoal to gold

The Bootcamp group, dubbed “Tech Drivers”, had a team of seven particularly skilled individuals who were always willing to help and ‘unblock’ whenever anyone ran into problems. The Team slogan, “Charcoal to Gold” tries to bring out the fact that we are all learning and experiencing immense growth while at the Andela Workshops and the Bootcamp; we came in green and by the end of the process, we will have learnt and accomplished a lot. Interestingly, both the team name and slogan were coined by a rather fascinating fellow, George. The team facilitator asked each one of us to come up with a name and slogan for the team, slogans that would reflect our values and motivate us to collaborate, of all the slogans that were suggested, only George’s were selected. He must have a knack for nomenclature, hmmm. Besides that, George is a humble guy, well-spoken and willing to help out.

Last but not least, the team ‘Tech Drivers’, is facilitated by a great guy by the name Kelvin. He is knowledgeable and takes time to listen before giving an answer or an opinion. On Slack, he is always online and responds promptly to questions and any concerns raised. Overall, Tech Drivers is a great team and I really love it here.