I’d Get to the Top of the Mountain if It Would Just Stop Fucking Growing
Dia Frampton

All this time I’ve been wondering where you are, and here you are, I found you. I was a teenager listening to you and your sister and loving it. Then I saw you on The Voice and was surprised because I knew how talented you were and that you were an established artist…I didn’t think you needed the show. Then when they didn’t mention your band other than mayyyybe once I thought perhaps you had a falling out and broke up? I just want you to know I sing to your records in my car, I love them. I’ll go through cds and get sick of each of them after a while so I’ll go back to the old faithfuls and you are one of them. I just never realized how human you are and for that I feel ignorant and I am sorry. In my mind you are very beautiful, super talented, from your time on the Voice I noticed your quick wit which propelled me to follow you on Facebook and then you kind of went away. I’m sorry life is making you feel less worthy of the success you dream of, and I’m sorry that it taxed your relationship with your sister. All I can say is that you still provide me with hope ALLLL the time…. I still get frustrated or need to be calmed down and reach for your music. I sing at the top of my lungs with you and think to myself what a different yet familiar voice she has, and what a knack for clever lyrics. I’ll buy Bruises…and any other album you put out…for as long as you make music. Thats a promise. It may not be the success you’ve imagined but you have made a difference. If you ever need a place to crash in Texas (or Oregon where I’m soon moving) hit me up! I’ll bring the Modest Mouse.

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