How to replace Webpack with (almost) only TypeScript

Me setting up a new web app project with Webpack.
  • It works in modern browsers and only needs polyfills for older browsers.
  • The application code is based on modern JS/TypeScript with ES6 imports.
  • TypeScript’s watch mode may be used to continuously build the application bundle.
  • Source maps are supported.
Empty your package.json
  • Works with modern ES6/TypeScript projects, with little implications.
  • Wide browser compatibility (even Internet Explorer).
  • Loading of scripts is handled and optimized by the browser (async and defer are supported).
  • Production optimizations are progressive and don’t impact development.
  • Bundling is (almost) reduced to simple concatenation.
  • Bundling does not require configuration; simple shell scripts are sufficient and provide additional flexibility.
  • Dependencies must provide AMD/UMD builds. Most popular libraries do, though.
  • Multiple versions of dependencies are not supported.
  • CommonJS is not supported; you must use ES6 imports/exports. This is the way forward, anyway.
  • Non-JS imports (e.g. styles) are not supported.
  • Polyfills have to be managed manually.
  • No tree-shaking.
  • I’ve ignored bundling/minifying styles or images. I believe relying on bundlers to do everything is part of the problem. Instead you can use the SCSS CLI and image processing tools in your build script and speed it up with concurrently if necessary.




Information architect, software engineer, designer. From Hamburg, Germany

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Morris Brodersen

Morris Brodersen

Information architect, software engineer, designer. From Hamburg, Germany

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