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Think of your company’s web presence as a digital storefront. You want to attract the shoppers on Orchard Road. You know that, deep down, you want to attract a certain group of people with a particular interest or purpose. How will you reach out to them?

First of all, don’t be a victim of creating unfocused content that fails to attract your potential customers. Some people seem like content marketing wizards — they understand the importance and the edge it gives them over their competition — and they nail it. Every single time.

Don’t worry if you’re not one of those content marketing wizards (yet), because we’ve got some handy tips that might just save you from losing those precious potential customers from walking past your digital storefront. …

Cherie, a member of our team, recently posted an article on What You Need To Know About Web Development and Design — Especially if you’re not the one doing it.

In the article, she highlights what are they, how they are extremely relevant to your online business, and why you need to know them.

To read Cherie’s blog, you may visit her website at or tweet her @cherietanjy

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To say that the digital world has provided us with access to a great deal of information is an understatement. Admit it, our lives revolve around digital media. Everything becomes available now with a tap or click of a button. A quick scroll down the list of publications would show us the plethora of information available within seconds.

But the digital world never stops evolving.

Because of the extensive amount of information available out there, it changes the way we communicate today. How, and why do we prefer one article over the other, when both articles discuss the same topic? …

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