Kolam/Rangoli Art to Fabrication

Kolam/Rangoli is an art form practised commonly in India. There are few variants of Kolam.

Commonly practised varient is drawing symmetric pattern using grid of dots (Stright/plaited lines either going around the dots or via the dots).

Technically, Kolam drawings are,
 * 2D design
 * Vector art — Easily scaled from one size to other (from drawing notebook to rooms to porch to doorstep)

By giving depth to kolam drawings, we shall create 3D model of them. Once we have 3D model, it is easy to fabricate them.

Here is a sample Kolam that had been converted to 3D model and facbricated as a physical object.

A simple kolam drawing

Kolam drawing converted to 3D model

Facbricated from 3D model


Kolam designs: https://www.google.co.in/search?q=kolam

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