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Daniel García

¡Hablemos de datos!

“We have been researching issues of gender and STEM for more than 25 years, and we can say flatly that there is no evidence that women’s biology makes them incapable of performing at the highest levels in any STEM fields.”


También muy interesante es este análisis de Suzanne Sadedin :

Sadedin se refiere a la “paradoja de la igualdad” que explica Gema:

“In other words, gender equality in general doesn’t change women’s personalities, or the difference between men and women. Rather, human development index changes men’s personalities much more than women’s.

That doesn’t support the claim that gender-liberal societies allow men and women to express innate differences more freely. If that interpretation were correct, women and men should diverge in gender-liberal societies independent of egalitarianism. Instead, men change personality in more egalitarian societies regardless of gender issues; women don’t.”

Pero todo el artículo entero merece mucho la pena.


También necesaria este perspectiva de un ingeniero de Google, que centra su crítica en lo equivocadas de las reflexiones y conclusiones de Damore sobre temas de ingeniería de software y estructura organizacional:

“What I am is an engineer, and I was rather surprised that anyone has managed to make it this far without understanding some very basic points about what the job is”.


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