Dorian is ferocious, like many recent high-wind tropical cyclones

Hurricane Dorian, courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Hurricane Dorian is assaulting the Bahamas with whipping winds and relentless rain, and it has the southeastern U.S. in its sights.

Dorian has reportedly killed one person as of this post—a 7-year-old boy in the Bahamas trying to evacuate from his home with his family. Given the size and strength of the storm, the death toll is likely to rise, potentially significantly.

Just how deadly can these forces of nature can be?

2,135 people in the U.S. reportedly died during 36 hurricanes that made landfall here from 1999 through 2018.* …

Lessons from inside a coffin

Photos courtesy of the author

My time had finally come.

I laid in my coffin and watched as the cover rapidly descended, cutting off all light in the room along with any sense of human connection. My heart and mind, both racing from the moment I had entered the box, slammed on the accelerator as darkness enveloped me.

But, as soon as the light disappeared completely, the coffin cover only inches from my nose and the sides pressing into my shoulders, something strange happened: I felt calm.

Cozy, even. It was much warmer with the lid on.

I quickly adapted to my new reality, aided…

Mortality Minded

Exploring life, death, and whatever's next • By Thomas Gaudio

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