DC al Coda

Test me in this, see if I do not
Open the Windows of Heaven
And Pour out a Blessing

By “open”, I mean eventually
By “blessing”, I mean whatever happens anyway
By “I”, I mean you.
Pay no attention to the you
behind the curtain:

That’s you in the corner
That’s you in the spotlight

But be there with bells on
Just … in case you die there, unworthy
choosing your confessions
in the holy of holies


Pray without ceasing and
forget what I said about testing me.
For thou shalt not test me.
Or mock me.
Be not deceived.

Seek first my kingdom
Search your own heart
and all its wickedness
and there you will find a reason
that not all these things
have yet been added unto you,
or the reason that they were.
Either way, the
evidence of things not seen
is its own proof
So lean not! Understanding is overrated.
See not! See, and I will strike you dead where you stand.
If your right eye causes you to see, cut. it. out.

Yes and amen… 
Louder for the folks in the back, out of faith!
Yes and amen…
Louder for the folks in the back-out of faith!
Yes and amen…
Louder for the folks in the back. 
Out of faith.

Let not your heart be troubled
by the loss of your dangerous eyes.
These feathers of things hoped for will comfort you now and in your hour of need.
Feel the feathers now? No? Fingers crossed?
Cut them off too.
Neither be dismayed: there is still so much left of you.
You must decrease that I may increase.
Hope of glory is as good as the real deal.
The caged bird sings; you can too —

Even if the blood on the doorposts is your own.

Louder for the folks in the back.

DC al Coda