10 Things I’ve Learned About Living in Seattle and 1 Deep Thought on Adventure

1. It doesn’t rain “a lot”. Yeah — sometimes — just like anywhere else. However, before we moved, it seemed like when anyone learned we were headed for Seattle, their first reaction was to let us know “It rains a lot there”. But in fact, in the two months we’ve been here, we’ve consistently seen more sunshine than rain. And when it does rain, it’s mostly a brief sprinkle or mist, like when it’s time to give the leafy greens a fresh spritz in the produce section at the grocery store. It’s almost as if Mother Nature has worked out a perfect pattern of sun and rain and knows just when it’s time to water the plants again. Which brings me to…

2. I understand why it’s called the Emerald City. The healthy dose of sunshine and rain has this city bursting at it’s lush little seams with wildflowers, succulents and Magnolia Trees — and not just in parks and forests! I’m talking alongside city sidewalks and outside my front door.

3. I will never need to buy fresh flowers again. Nope! My walk home from yoga or the grocery store is enough to put a fresh assortment of hand picked flowers on my table every single day!

4. Twenty minutes in any direction, I can find myself beside water, gazing up at the mountains (or volcano!), walking through ice caves, or in the middle of a dense forest. It’s truly incredible and you don’t have to travel far to feel like you’ve escaped the city.

5. Yes, Seattle has a volcano and it’s pretty effing cool.

6. People here complain about traffic. That being said, I don’t mind it. Most of the major roads travel above water and when things are backed up, it’s usually because of a drawbridge being up, allowing boats to pass through. After countless drives through Trenton on my way to NYC, things aren’t so bad when you’ve got water on both sides, the windows down, a cool breeze and beautiful hills lined with big trees and cute little cottages up ahead.

7. Beanies and denim are totally acceptable here in bars that lean towards the fancier side. And I am so down with that!

8. Ginger Beer is everything. Especially Rachel’s.

9. People are into being healthy. That’s not to say there aren’t some great comfort food spots…but, kombucha on tap anyone?

10. Speaking about comfort food, I have found street taco heaven and I want to take you there.

And my biggest lesson, over the past two months:

11. I thought that moving across the country was it. The journey. The ultimate adventure. And to be quite honest, after finally arriving in Seattle after months of planning, in all the newness and excitement, there were moments of sadness, of feeling like the adventure had ended — that the journey was somehow so suddenly over. But today when I was walking home after an incredible yoga class, I thought about all of the things I love about my new city, and for the first time I felt it in my gut. I realized there are opportunities for adventure in every moment, that my journey is actually just getting started.

“All the moments count. The quiet moments. The moments of boredom and solitude. The moments of sharing. The exciting moments of discovery. The moments of grandeur. The agonizing moments when we feel sad, angry, and upset. Each moment in time is equally important. Don’t wait and hope for the one thing, the one person, the one event, that will change your life, plummet you into the future and the life you desire. Instead remember that each moment in time brings change, evolution, and transformation.

Let each moment have value. Let each day of your life be the experience you seek. The power to change and evolve lies within you. The life you desire is happening now.” (Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart)

Originally published at karamortellite.tumblr.com.

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