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This post was co-authored by Morten Christoffersen (UX and Product Design Lead) and Martin Kristensen (Team lead for UX and Product owners) at the development department of DR — the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

DR — the Danish Broadcasting Corporation — is Denmarks largest public service media organisation covering both broadcast and on-demand TV, radio and digital content (a Danish equivalent to the BBC, if you will). DR employs more than 2500 people spread across various organisational functions and roles.

One such area is digital platforms and product development, an area that’s been on a massive organisational journey over the course of the last few years; transitioning from a classic delivery organisation to a true, cross-functional product organisation. This journey will form the essence of this blog post (and many more to follow), where we will share our insights into how we work, and the challenges we face. …

— thoughts on designing digital products in the year 2015

User experience design has come a long way since Don Norman coined the term in the 90’s. It has gone from esoteric industry terminology to a being one of the most in-demand disciplines in the technology sector — in only a matter of years. “UX Designer” is one of the 10 most popular job titles that barely existed 5 years ago with an explosive 22x growth since 2008. And the demand for UX Designers in the job market seems to just keep on increasing, with thousands of open job positions worldwide.

There can hardly be any doubt; UX Design is all the rave in the year 2015. So what better time to take a step back, and assess the state of the UX Design field? …


Morten Christoffersen

Manager, Product Discovery & UX at DR — Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

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