The iPad Mystery
Jean-Louis Gassée

I use my iPad Pro 9.7" ten times more than my 15" MacBook. But I still use my iPhone most of all. That is, an iPhone 7 together with the Apple watch and AirPods.

I had various iPad minis. But iPhone plus made them obsolete.

I love the simplicity of my iPad, but it’s just to small to read PDF documents for my eyes. Therefore I will change to either 10.”5 or 12". I also know I will buy a larger iPhone this fall.

My MacBook is five year old. My hope is that Xcode will be available on iPad, and let me leave the laptop in the closet.

As I’m in the middle of my sixties, I’ve found that I don’t have neither trust nor time for Intel-based computers. I just have to get things done, and one lightweight secure ARM based device helps me do that.

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