Face for Radio: breaking the silence on mental ill health in business
Andy McLean

Andy, this is probably the best piece you have written in a very long time (and your standard is generally way above the bar!) After moving from Sunny Sydders to Blowy Bligthy I personally found myself mentally out of balance. The dark days overtook the bright happy days and at several moments in my life I doubted the entire existance of everything; myself, my family, my purpose (a very common one), expectations (mine and others) and generally everything else! in the UK today there are so many great organisations such as Young Minds, Mind etc. that can assist with coping with these issues however, to many people it is still a stigma to talk about mental health and being open and honest about it is by far the first step — I genuinely look forward to listening to the pod-cast! #Itisoknottobeok

Take care and Matur suksma


PS> if you ever make it to Sunny Oz you should check out the OneWave team… Its Project Awesome of surf boards and all in the name of mental health

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