JavaScript is a Dysfunctional Programming Language
Richard Kenneth Eng

Problem is JS has a monopoly for progressive web front end’s (no, transpilers do not really solve this). As many programmers start their programming career doing front end, they invest heavily int JS such that going for node as a backend solution then is a natural choice.

In addition the classical server side web language java up today favours a multi threading/shared state processing model which actually does not scale on modern hw compared to node’s actor-style/eventloopish approach to concurrency.

Another big point (hardly recognized and mentioned) is the ease of building distributed apps using nodejs as built-in serialization of js objects to JSON messages and the ability to simply send send code over the wire and execute it remotely (data locality: move code not data) make the js platform a simple yet very powerful and productive platform to build web scale front and backends (despite the obvious weakness and inconsistency of many of its basic principles).

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