Day 0 — NoFap Challenge

I don’t know what is worse— the physiological and psychological harm I inflict upon myself or the passive support of the porn industry, a world characterized by passionless sex, domination, objectification, and illusion. After viewing porn from the age of 13–22, I have realized that it offers me nothing other than instant gratification followed by guilt, shame, anxiety, exhaustion, and the lack of motivation to pursue long-term goals in life. After a fap session — where I bounce between scenes, videos, pornstars, or even categories to maintain my erection — I always close the videos, delete my browsing history, and feel lonely once again. There is no cuddling, kissing, touching, or verbal stimulation, as I would otherwise have after making love to a human being. I am ready to give up pornography and become the man that is buried deep inside me. This is the beginning of my journey.