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Mosab Ibrahim
Oct 10, 2014 · 2 min read

My first Firefox addon.

I open a lot of tabs on firefox, and I mean A LOT! I was searching for addons to help me close tabs as fast as I open them so that I would keep the rate of open tabs steady. The best I found was something that closed duplicate tabs.

I usually have a lot of tabs from the same domain name open most of the time when I am researching something, or even when I am surfing facebook. So I thought it would be cool if I could close tabs belonging to a specific domain name, and not just duplicate.

I didn’t find it, so I created it. Pretty basic, no optimization whatsoever, but here it is and here is the code.

I submitted it yesterday for review by Mozila, and today I got an email stating that the addon has undergone full review ☺

How to use it

After installation, this icon will appear as a button in your browser :

Press on it, and an input field will appear. Write the keyword or domain name in it and press enter, and voila!

What’s next for “Power Close”

There are a couple of ideas for future features :

Context menu shortcut : Adding a context menu entry to close all tabs from current selected tab’s domain

Autocomplete: I am planning on implementing autocomplete so you don’t have to type full domain names.

List current open domains: a feature to list currently open domain names listed by the count of open tabs from every domain in a descending.

IDN domain names support: currently the addon does not support domain names using non English letters and numbers. I am planning on adding this support at some point or another.

Other closing options would be thought of as well. feel free to suggest ideas.

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