Crafting a ‘new normal’: Trump’s wiretap lies are indicative of a desperate authoritarian

This new attempt to debase the previous presidency is a displaced and misaligned distraction attempt on behalf of Trump and his interests from the real issues of the day.

In a true-to-form popularity grab ahead of the 2018 and 2020 elections, President Donald Trump is wrongly attempting to further vilify the Obama presidency by insisting via Twitter that the former president illegally tapped the offices of Trump Tower.

Evidence-less and with no real motive to indict, Trump’s insistence of Obama as a “bad (or sick) guy!” is a desperate attempt to discredit the “glory days” of the previous administration as they compare to his own disastrous, entirely illegitimate presidency (and we are only two months in) in a way that is factless and void of detail (characteristics to which his supporters tend to align).

Soon after Trump’s baseless tirade, Press Secretary Sean Spicer released a similarly baffling statement that the president is requesting that new congressional intelligence committees investigate “whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016.”

“Neither the White House nor the President will comment further until such oversight is conducted,” he concluded.

In other words, we know this is completely made up propaganda so we will just let it marinate with voters and never mention it again lest we get called out on our bulls — t.

Donald Trump is a vain and troubled celebrity; a privileged narcissist who lashes out and attacks on the merest whim of personal and professional debasement.

Let’s set aside the dubious timing of Trump’s wiretap claims with a similarly themed Breitbart article about an Obama “silent coup” Trump from which he obviously acquired such “intelligence” of surveillance. Let’s also temporarily ignore the fact that this Tweetstorm is fresh on the heels of Attorney Jeff Sessions self-recusal from the evolving Russian ties scandal surrounding the new and troubled presidency.

Donald Trump has suffered one occasion after another as more and more details are revealed of his cabinet’s nefarious dealings before, during and even after the election concerning Russia. He is being embarrassed in polls, embarrassed by the media, embarrassed by his colleagues on Capitol Hill. He is being ridiculed by foreign leaders and foreign press alike, not to mention undermined from leaks and personnel shake-ups within his own administration.

These are hard times for Trump, who historically seems to place more value in popularity than credibility. His administration currently resides beneath a dark cloud of distrust and dismay; an image which he desperately needs to reverse should he hope to remain in power as well as redeem his golden visage.

To do so, he does not just rely on a good defense; Trump goes on the offensive, no matter the costs to accountability.

His latest Tweetstorm surrounding the illegal surveillance of Trump Tower offices by the Obama administration is a floundering, unfounded attack by someone whose previous attempts to discredit his opponents and their arguments against him have all failed and failed famously.

This new attempt by Trump to debase the previous presidency serves no other purpose than that very thing; it is no doubt a displaced and misaligned distraction attempt on behalf of Trump and his interests from the real issues of the day that would usher in an even stronger resistance than the freshman president is currently facing. is an independent, community-based resistance movement; uniting voices from across the globe in the fight against fascism, oppression and regression of civil and human rights both domestic and abroad.

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