What you are doing

What you are doing — what you are paying attention — is forming your brain
-> the temporary sandcastles — you build up and form — projections to the future
-> solidify what was there — and if now there it is
-> checking if it’s working or not — what the expectation is met — the structuree reinforced
what you learn — is forming your pathways
- you don’t have it for forever (contrary to the saying)
- but once formed — retrieving/recreating the pathways for a skill — is much easier
and taking opportunities to learn something — is probably very good of course
- maybe it’s the most 
It is very worthy — indeed probably the real wealth in any given moment
- is the ability to make things go according to your references (this is power)
 — — 
the set of skills — is part of your wealth
- depending on circumstances — with skill you have the means — to make the changes/steers you want
- going towards your aims — you can affect your circumstances
from this point — what you pay attention — and what skills you acquire — becomes more important
- your brain as a sponge — continuosly malleable
- reinforcing what you are doing — forgetting and fading to not used responses
 (being an up-to date — what was useful — to what was encountered)
 — — 
deciding how to do something
doing something for financial or material gains — can be problematic for this
- how you spend your time — you malle your brain — to something not inherently interesting/useful
- just for other gains
 — — 
Taleb said that one should have separate jobs
- one for making a living
- and another one — which is your aim — where you want to go
 (eg. Kafka was a clerk — and writing during night)
the point maybe — that doing a job for making a living
- can be easily corrupted — exposed to circumstance
- not always in control — but hawe to make compromises
 — — 
and compromises can get in the way — acquiring skills
you need honest signal — to gain honest experience
-> the faster the learning — or indeed even bottlenecks that you need honest experience
 (eg. going against the norm — and what is happening)
 — — 
but if you are moving in the right direction — as you would with a compromised job
- isn’t that good — as you are moving in the right direction
 (eg. isn’t it good to be a copywriter — if you want to be a writer — to be clear I don’t know)
 — — 
one for sure — separating the need/force to make a living
- from the desired skill — what we want to acquire
- makes space for honest signal
 — — 
honest signal — therefore honest behaviour — is definitely needed for learning 
(otherwise learning in a limited space/responses)
-> if you are forced to make a living — and the space of authentic responses/manouver is small
 will lack honest actions/responses — and the dishonest effects/experiences — are not good enough learning experience
 — — 
acquiring a skill — and being good at it
- gives the state — if you are in demand — that you can have control over the experiences
- you can steer for more uknown and honest learning signals — which is learning again etc..

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