You have explained what Diwali is and how Diwali is without even explaining WHY Diwali is.
Naga Subramanya B B

I know where you are coming for. We forget to question things.

Personally I love to question things. I like to call myself a conditioning slayer. :)

This blogpost was about What is Diwali, rather than why diwali. However, if you are interested in reading articles that question things, the following ones might interest you:

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  2. Marriage: How did it all begin —
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  4. Looking for happiness: In a palace and a home —
  5. Mother-in-law: A friend or foe? —
  6. Are we really free? —
  7. Three Blind Men: Love, Trust and Faith —
  8. Quit Branding me as a “Modi Bhakt” or a “AAPTard”, Brand me as an Indian —

You can find many more such articles on my page.

Thanks for reading :)

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