Is this the beginning of rise of India?
Mosam Shah

Rome was not build in a day and hence we cant expect all the problems of India to be resolved in 1 term. As regards teh traffic, new laws have been brought. Cameras have been installed at varied signals (atleast in Ahmedabad) whereby we are receiving the tickets for penalty at home. Its a start, a start that has not be initiated by any other government till date. The government is taking one step at a time and we must appreciate that.

Also, no one person can change an entire country, especially with a population as large as ours. We have to be a part of the change and only then can the country be changed for the better.

Modiji has announced more changes are coming from 1st Jan, 2017. So lets wait for the speech to find out what are his next steps. Maybe he will bring the parked black money under the scanner.

With this new announcement the real estate market is predicted to crash rather than inflation of prices, because so far a large sums were paid in black and a small amount on paper for such properties. With black money being confiscated, the real value of the real estate will be reflected when you go to buy one.

And are you seriously favouring Black Money???

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