Bluetooth Varmilo VB660M mechanical keyboard out of the box

If your work requires a lot of typing, if your opponent with the quality requirements, then starting with a mechanical keyboard can undoubtedly enhance your feelings at work. And if you, like me, like going out with a lightweight iPad, then a mechanical keyboard Bluetooth is perfect. Varmilo VB660M is a mechanical keyboard Bluetooth.

Varmilo VB660M packaging is simple and elegant, using kraft paper packaging is in line with my aesthetic. Use packaging in hardness and texture has a very high level, without fear of violence by express.

Varmilo VB660M uses a thermal CAP, so it has a corresponding label on the packaging. Here a little way, the mechanical keyboard keys using technology not many characters, usually laser, printing, sublimation, two-color molding, behind both of them because of cost reasons, now quite rare. Through the proliferation of font control is easy to judge the merit of dye sublimation technology.

The other side of the Varmilo flag. Varmilo is the Shenzhen Zhi and technology launched a new brand after its proxy Korea brand experience Leopold launched, so current popularity is smaller. Cath Kidston iPhone 6+ plus covers

Side axle body colour, body colour, Cap colour options, where you can see Varmilo VB660M in the custom is more experienced, this is the special mechanical keyboard exists.

Varmilo VB660M is modelled on Leopold FC660M modified, and therefore have little difference in terms of design and function. -Line separation design, using a mini USB interface, gold-plated handle and tie belt and dust cover.

Compared to other mechanical cock wire pulling key comes with the keyboard, Varmilo VB660M comes with steel wire drawing is undoubtedly better. Wire pulling the keycap tick can be ignored, but in more comfortable as he pulled key.

Varmilo modified VB660M is modelled on Leopold FC660M, so no change in key design. Varmilo 60% keyboard VB660M, a total of 66 keys, compared to most of the 60% keyboard and joined independent keys, as well as the installation and removal of the common key, and total use is in accordance with my request. And if you want to start with, and to consider the f zone is when you use everyday.

The back remained the same, but strictly the dip switch on the left side.

Back nameplate marking the capacity of 1200mAh lithium battery. I did not use any Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, so I don’t know if this capacity is large or small.

Is dip-the serial number mask. There are 4 on the back of mat and mat, and quality workmanship are excellent.

Varmilo VB660M is Leopold FC660M of used shell casing, its colorful color and gloss, makes it easy to feel metal case for pictures.

Varmilo VB660M CAP is made of PBT material, technologies for dye sublimation. Above said characters printed slightly next cap material here. Most mechanical keyboard key caps made of PBT, ABS and POM, POM and PBT is famous for is wear-resistant and ABS key caps in technology and cost, feel there is a certain advantage. Proliferation of characters Varmilo VB660M are minor using sublimation technology is relatively good. Cath Kidston iPhone 6 Plus Case

Varmilo VB660M keys using the satellite axis design. Also here to say, mechanical keyboard keys often use satellite axis or a balancing pole design, satellite on the shaft when removing the CAP simpler and balance bar is excellent in terms of cost, and often feel much more crisp than the satellite axis. Pressing keys feel to a large extent associated with BDSM, and we cannot think of the satellite axis is the meat, balance bar is crisp.

Varmilo VB660M for light design, it is quite to my surprise. Capacity of 1200mAh battery, of course, in full lamp mode range is more depressing, so light show will give the range.

Varmilo VB660M lighting effects not much level 4 brightness adjustment for maximum brightness look a little go blind. Of course as a result of PBT material does not light, so light show also has slightly fewer points.

Varmilo VB660M the most important feature is the Bluetooth, of course, may be due to technical reasons, has also experienced some mechanical keyboard Bluetooth, but rather just to let people know the rest to Filco mini, but due to its key design is wonderful, so it makes it hard to start.

Varmilo VB660M is easy to use, by Fn+Inster key combination, to boot, and then make the Bluetooth connection can be used. Why Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is not universal, of course much is technically not before harmony, makes more cups on delay and the shortcut is. When I used the Varmilo VB660M, and will not be delayed, if more violent computer games, of course, you will still have a slight influence.

Varmilo VB660M is not shortcut key assignments for iOS devices, so in use as well as for touch-screen operation. For Android devices, system support, make the use of basically out of touch-screen operation. Of course writing because my main purpose was to carry iPad on a field, so whether they support shortcuts, I focused on places.

As a mechanical keyboard player, Leopold FC660M I like a keyboard, and modelled on the Varmilo VB660M the nature of the design is in line with my taste and requirements. Varmilo VB660M join the Bluetooth function so that I could finally go out in writing, can easily bring iPad could very well finish weight and feel balanced.

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Originally published at on August 31, 2016.

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