Face recognition is not secure United States scientists have cracked in a few

As people pay more attention to information security and a variety of consumer electronic products in the fingerprint to unlock unlock the unlock, face and IRIS technologies is also becoming popular, it has become almost a standard to password. For their safety and convenience on the merits also has been controversial, and currently do not form a unified conclusion. Recently, from the United States a research team at the University of North Carolina for face recognition with pictures cast a negative vote.

According to foreign media reports, a research team from the University of North Carolina with their recently in social media (Facebook) collected a number of photos, using special computer synthesis and rendering technology, you can generate a planar 3D model display on the phone. They then use this model to test, found as many as five were security system in 4/5 to 85% time to be measured, can be easily fooled. More importantly, they can collect on the Facebook photos is very limited, and there is no guarantee of quality, there is only a 45-degree angle-side face.

According to the team, just like a real hacker and a stalker, they collected a total of 20 volunteer photo posted on the social media, and then based on these photos to make 3D model of the face of each volunteer and add facial expressions and gestures such as blinking, making the models look like staring at the camera. Even more crucial is that due to the quantity and quality of photographs cannot be guaranteed, so the scientists had to “artificial” has some photos of the missing information, such as shadow, facial wrinkles, such as in the photo. The most extreme example of this is, there are several volunteers in two or three photos were posted on social media, and the pixel is still very low.

Information on how to prevent hackers using similar means to obtain user data, a researcher of the team at the Usenix Security Conference said: at present, some with additional hardware device manufacturers have been able to avoid the occurrence of similar situations, for example, Tobii company against Microsoft Windows Hello launched eye-tracking cameras face recognition system. But for now this additional hardware might raise the cost of security systems, whether consumers will accept, manufacturers also further considerations.

In addition, real face will emit infrared radiation, no matter how realistic the photo or 3D model will not, using this line of thought can also be security had to do some workarounds to avoid malicious attacks by hackers using similar means.

Realization about algorithm please click on the link, you can see the paper original Moschino iPhone 5

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