How WiFi through the wall

Now home routers will generally take several antennas, long, did not look pretty, but most customers would like, think the antenna to the router signal will be emitted is very good, even in the more remote corners, cell phone display full WiFi signal, namely wall works well, is that so?

First, we need to sort out a problem, that is, routers and mobile phone whose WiFi signal weak.

Due to phone of wireless chip main function also is received, while consider to electromagnetic of consumption, generally, router launches out of signal to than phone strong have more have more, such does, dang we put router put in living room, phone in living room can received to of signal almost in 60–70dB, across a blocking bearing wall Hou, probably attenuation 7–10db, so phone in bedroom received to of signal still also has 53–60dB, even apart two blocking bearing wall, also also has 46–50dB, Does not affect the router in most family coverage. Michael Kors Case

And phone of signal on weak many, dang across one or two blocking bearing wall Hou, attenuation have special badly, router received to of phone sent out of signal on will compared difficult to identified, this when phone received to has router sent to of data, will sent confirmed message, told router it received has now of data can continues to sent next of data, but due to router cannot identified phone sent of confirmed message, will think phone no received data, then kept attempts to again sent, caused died cycle, This is why we often see full WiFi signal on the phone, but data transmission is not successful, it is difficult to Internet.

In General, how to solve this problem? Michael Kors

Actually this is a hearing aids of problem, elderly ear not too so that, with you talk, he listening to not to you talk, is thought you no heard he, on efforts said is big voice, on like we router of antenna as, more do more more, more do more long, you has listening to have is harsh has, he also not know, but once with Shang hearing aids, help he heard you talk, problem on solution has.

WiFi is the same, plus a lot of very long antenna to the router will only let more families are filled with “piercing” of WiFi signals, not only failed to solve the problem, even as it has produced a surplus of electromagnetic radiation, for healthy kinds of trouble.

The best solution is to increase the router’s ability to hear, this parameter is called sensitivity, or the minimum sensitivity, which means that when the router hears the signal exceeds the threshold, the router will be able to identify and process the signal, when the signal is less than this threshold, is considered to be noise, discarded without treatment. Generally improve this accept sensitivity has three a approach, a does is used better of enterprise level WiFi chip, itself on compared sensitive; second a does is added a zoom device, but often will brings other problem; third a is increased antenna, increased received signal of gain, but while increased limited, on the antenna has directional, some direction enhanced has, addition some direction is weakened has, user and not regulation antenna of direction, antenna placed wrong has, also than no antenna.

I worked in a global enterprise-class router company, including in today’s technology-driven start-up companies, there are some creative ways, because the WiFi environment is complex, and every family is different, simply increase the sensitivity, sometimes amplified signals play a role in hearing aids, sometimes also amplifies noise, resulting in hearing aids to Holla. So if the router automatically gather around the WiFi radio environment information, using the smart technology, built-in models, let it dynamically adjusts the sensitivity, often receives.

That is why the same is a small box, enterprise-class routers typically sell to thousands of pieces, tens of thousands of Yuan (sensitivity, of course this is only a small cause, there are many similar problems), this time because of the price family is difficult to use at the time.

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Originally published at on December 31, 2015.