Materialistic Jawbone UP2 experience second generation should call it UP24

If I don’t want to wear sold in the world’s second-best, and very cheap millet hand loop, which wearable smart bracelet should I choose? Fitbit is a good choice, not only have IPO and sold the world’s most wearable device, but I’m sorry I may not love the world’s “first” Huawei glory bracelet? Feeling good enough to wear (Ocean) (gas). Wait, did I miss out on anything, Jawbone where? Lunatik iWatch frame

Can wear equipment of warming range is obvious of, just giant are more favored watches, and hand ring in domestic manufacturers low price attack Xia, Fitbit and Jawbone this abroad equipment live of does not than, especially Jawbone, even they of CEO Hosain Rahman in accept interview are said on they declined of topic is Mark spit temperature wrote of, just this how see are is somewhat acid in inside volatile. But maybe not so bad, they have new products such as–UP2, UP3, UP4, at least proved they were not dead is still alive and kicking. So today I want to talk about the hand of this Jawbone UP2.

After using a few impressions

1. remains designed Jawbone froufrou

2. feel UP24 functionally different

3. size smaller

4. adjustable buckles when used for the first time find it hard to be labelled

5. not compatible with the old version of the application

When I got the Jawbone UP2, in fact, there is not much on my mind looks forward to, because on the shape and size of it UP2 wearable device is not a feature-rich, so I know it is by definition a function relies on built-in sensors, do not have the scalability and complex interactions, is not a good gauge of social relations/sleep recorder. Seemed to start from a Jawbone device is to “vase” famous for? But now it seems that the company has not changed much.

Still enjoy no automatic record sleep

In 2011 Jawbone launched Jawbone UP of when, its three big core function is records user step number and movement, sleep status and diet status, now has four years passed, Jawbone of in the end products, price reached has 99 dollars of Jawbone UP2 is still to these function for selling, what is too confidence has does also is too confidence has does also is just not thought enterprising does?

Even these basic functions, Jawbone is also far from perfect, and even among the many wearable devices have supported automatic sleep recorded cases, Jawbone UP2 still need to manually switch night mode display area. But before you go to bed is actually difficult to remember that the handle loop into sleep mode, it automatically records may not be accurate, but it’s better than missing data due to forget, right? iWatch bumpframe

Another problem is that although Jawbone UP2 have waterproof functions, in the bath can also pick, but I think most people don’t want to wear a bracelet to shower, that is uncomfortable and there is still water might. So before a bath before going to bed, I’ll usually pick bracelets, after washing but often forget to wear, which may increase the number of missing data. How to make users conscious of where you want to go wearing a bracelet, this Jawbone is the need to think about the problem.

However there is nothing … … Smart coaches

Because of the limited functions and the bracelet itself, so most operations will need to rely on mobile phone App to complete, but an older version of the application does not support UP Jawbone UP2, as they launched a new application called UP, some changes compared to the old version only icon, function and no real progress.

Jawbone UP2 another push feature is App-side Smart coach (Smart Coach), this feature will track your data and help you make a plan. Early to bed and the next day, for example movement more so, then Smart Coach will think you going better the next day, then I suggest you go to bed early to keep more data. But in the days that I actually use, because often forget to sleep mode, so the sleep data were later added. This case Smart Coach if there is I do not know. In addition the advice it gave me such as I “go walking will be able to sleep soundly at night” or something, I don’t know what this means to me practically useless.

Fully acclimatized diet records

Jawbone UP Mobile App have the function of dietary records, which is before the join function, compared to other data, however, will enter the diet data really is rare, and difficult to find what you are looking for in this food. Like I noon eat has Yoshinoya of beef rice, but I found Yoshinoya of when and not appeared beef rice, and chicken row rice, and double spell rice like of option, and only you directly entered beef rice of when only will appeared wrote with Yoshinoya of beef rice, certainly Hamburg what of Western fast food also is is rich of, but is obviously we usually have and logic is not so, are is directly said eat KFC, and McDonald’s like of general vocabulary (Hello, to I package a copies KFC away). In addition most of the Chinese food is not found (including the famous street of fast-food giant Braised Chicken with rice).

This age also need to do such a simple bracelet

In this day and age, a smart watch has been able to transform your personal assistant, to pay micro-letters, reply, view messages, testing various functions such as heart rate, view pictures, but Jawbone UP2 bracelet continuous heart rate detection has not yet joined, these features are worth US $ 99 for consumers to buy it, knowing that millet bracelet only its price less than one-sixth.

In addition if the bracelet and some additional capability is also able to attract consumers, such as the brush bracelets support e-card features, I knew bothered to buy brush bracelet card, friends and accidentally fell off and buy a. If my Jawbone UP2 lost, it has anti loss function? It has let me buy another reason? You can check my heart rate? On this than we are.

$ 99 price is defined in the end but for the Chinese people is still very cheap, details and features really make this bracelet is not attractive enough, battery life of seven days is not good. Jawbone also continues to be that in the eyes of everyone from start to finish “vase”.


1. delicate looking

2. the App interface design

3. has the waterproof function


1. There is no anti-lose mode

2. do not automatically record sleep

3. There is no heart rate sensor

4. smart coaching effects of little value

5. additional features less

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Originally published at on January 30, 2016.