SOFTBANK to help IBM think Watson in Japanese

Waston was the darling of the versatile IBM, familiar with all kinds of magical skills like playing Jeopardy, diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, dig in on Twitter and even tune with a variety of ingredients, cooking.

If it can think and communicate in Japanese, you probably wouldn’t think it was acquired from its last feat.

IBM and Japan telecoms giant SOFTBANK on Tuesday a landmark cooperation. At the show, they put the new born “Japanese-” Watson brought scene shows a Japanese to English translation.

To see the lovely Watson: Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone

IBM: we think Watson in Japanese!

“This is the first time we used the whole Japanese system of operation,” IBM Watson project team’s number two, John Gordon to Mashable reporters run in Japanese can no doubt Watson on the wording of more standardized.

Watson had already used in Australia, and Singapore and the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries, and IBM never tried to use the local language in thinking.

Gordon said

“We wanted Watson to think more idiomatic in Japanese, rather than simply as interpreter duties. ”

Do as the Romans do to learn the local Lingo is not easy, and Japanese as a language of high-context, it is even harder. Honorific need not only based on the speaker’s age and gender, declension, are similar but have different meanings in the grammar is endless. So let Watson master the Japanese language is not an easy task, IBM I can’t even describe the expected implementation schedules, difficulties can be seen.

As the IT industry in Asia Pacific region 40% per cent, Japan’s focus on technology for IBM Corporation, which is no doubt a potential exploit. Stationed in Japan has long been IBM one of long-term planning, not to mention with 1300 subsidiaries Softbank, it gives IBM to the olive branch, IBM has not truth?

Gordon was confident:

“The ecosystem is thriving. We will see that Watson will be going into all walks of life. ”

SOFTBANK: our Watson technology greatly looking forward to it!

SOFTBANK invested heavily on Watson, to plan with IBM to develop localization API so that third parties can share Watson to cloud-based cognitive systems, SOFTBANK in Japan 14 data centers can be manage by Watson.

SOFTBANK said “Watson entered Japan project is a great technology and IBM collaboration,” actually revealed that Watson is SOFTBANK services sales plans across the country.

Gordon has yet to confirm this, but said SOFTBANK is IBM in “Japan-best choice”.

SOFTBANK spokesman said:

“We believe that Watson can help SOFTBANK to better achieve the remote distribution and commercialization services. ”

SOFTBANK COO Ken Miyauchi have very high expectations for Watson:

“IBM’s Watson technology to analyze massive amounts of data, analysis of the complex issues in the local language and provide solutions, not only for cooperation or the information revolution that SOFTBANK Corporation, and the results were satisfactory. ”

He is also Chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son responded to a statement last July:

“Our ultimate goal is in the course of the information revolution, through maximum efforts for the well-being of humanity. ”

Next, the two continued to play?

SOFTBANK spokesman said that Watson is expected to put into use this year. Watson has the potential to become proficient in the language of n cool God?

The answer is that difficult.

“Taught Watson one of the difficulties is that the robot cannot substitute human emotion, so often in the oral way (such as not understanding why the nose can sense? ’)。 ”

And now both English and Japanese, compared with rich language and culture, Watson understood context may also stay at the elementary level. Marc Jacobs iPhone 6 cases

In the future, SOFTBANK plans to better apply Watson technology, such as the Sprint robot, as well as the upcoming Pepper robots. Pepper from France the hand of Aldebaran, IBM has now taken over the Pepper is perfect, mainly lies in the recognition of human facial expressions, as well as “Watson’s ability to understand the language and human expression.”

This robot fantasies for the future addition of a part? No matter how the suspect, you can be sure of is, robots in all aspects will come into our lives.

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