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Recently, a HP webOS Smartphone has not been released WindsorNot webOS Nation by foreign media exposure. It is reported that WindsorNot planned after 2011 Pre 3 release, but due to the support of software is too small, intends to operate the device before the United States operators AT&T had lost interest in continuing to run WebOS system, and AT&T is developing LTE network, while WindsorNot does not support this technology, eventually this phone is stillborn.

For HP fans, however, more or less or a little regret. Recent webOS get WindsorNot a project by the Nation, is one of the few living outside WindsorNot engineering machine, very rare.

WebOS Nation got WindsorNot engineering machine, used the same as the Pre 3 Qualcomm CPU, the MSM8255, frequency 1.4Ghz,RAM beauty supply, internal storage capacity of up to 8GB. Although the phone’s CPU is a single core, but at the time, only a small number of flagship models can be fitted with. This WindsorNot engineering machine front and back cameras, and battery pack exactly like the Pre 3, if opened, perhaps more components and Pre 3 identical boards. However, given the rarity of WindsorNot, webOSNation edit after some hesitation was not opened to verify.

Screen resolution of WindsorNot 800×480 with Pre 3, but WindsorNot screen size of up to 4 inches. 3.65 inches of Pre 3 on the PPI reached 255, WindsorNot PPI is relatively low, at 233, frankly speaking, the Visual difference is not great. Of course, the high score screen flying in the sky today, the screen pixel density of WindsorNot is not worth mentioning. The gesture area differs from the Pre 3 + full keyboard mode, straight all-touch-screen WindsorNot similar to the TouchPad, using real Home key + the gesture area combination. Although WindsorNot dimensions larger than the Pre 3, but since there is no QWERTY keyboard, corresponding to light weight, thickness of a few millimeters smaller than the Pre3.

In order to improve the gripping experience side material housing material with the Pre 3, WindsorNot close, shrink from front to back, forming an easy to grip incline. Back plastic Panel has been polished, the Designer makes the side a little more prominent than the bottom edge of the border back to prevent surface scratches on the back of this very intimate. Pity is that WindsorNot does not increase the anti-fingerprint coating in front and back, which makes WindsorNot very easy to collect fingerprints on both sides.

Division of buttons on the side of the fuselage similar to the Pre 3, top classic is the shutdown button and mute switch, headphone jack right in the middle of the 3.5mm, location on the volume keys on the left. Worth mentioning is that the shut down button at the top of the WindsorNot cannot be the same as other webOS devices could light up the screen, want to unlock and open the screen, you need to press the Home key, this may be because of WindsorNot system is not perfect. In addition, webOS Nation discovered during testing, press shutdown button in the boot state, will have a 50% chance of crashing the system.

WindsorNot is at the bottom looks familiar? Indeed, it was really like the iPhone5 bottom design, speakers at the bottom on both sides, separated evenly in the middle and Micro USB interface. WindsorNot positive beyond the Home button, no other components, so it near the microphone should be hidden at the bottom of the speaker, and through the bottom hole receives the audio signal from your speaker.

Said WindsorNot system is still in a relatively early stage of development is justified. WindsorNot system 3.X interface on the TouchPad and see the difference is not significant. TouchPad screen is 132ppi, with WindsorNot gap in 233ppi obviously, but WindsorNot system feels like a small TouchPad screen, that is, basic font size adapter are not done yet. Because of this WindsorNot project is just a prototype, proprietary webOS 3.X is not fully fit, so there is no corresponding webOS Doctor to repair the system.

Long press the off key, the system starts. You should be familiar with the webOS guessed, its startup time is a bit long. Due to its high level of system version CPU only for a single core while is just a machine, so predictably took 3 minutes running time. WindsorNot in the boot process will sometimes panic situation, and different is that it will display a floppy disk icon on the screen, and “Entering Main Console Loop” text reminders. According to international practice, this time the only way to do is pull out the battery to restart. So, the stages of WindsorNot and “stable” four words no nothing.

WindsorNot before succumbing in contrast with the Pre 3, project priorities to reduce, but not to stop the development. WindsorNot release date scheduled for Pre 3 was released a few months later, that is, by the end of 2011. But in August, HP webOS system development was terminated, WindsorNot items were also forced to a complete end. From the completion of the project concerned, TouchPad GO released it second only to the neighboring tablets. Prior to the termination of the project, little webOS 3.X software WindsorNot system has been revised UI layout. The most direct evidence of this is its built-in native keyboard. GUCCI iPhone 6 plus Cases

The virtual keyboard and then Open webOS’s built-in virtual keyboard are very similar, and from driving to input experience is very good, is nearing completion. WindsorNot virtual keyboard with TouchPad input logic similar to long press button to enter the corresponding Latin characters in landscape mode when keyboard corresponds to the Adaptive landscape State, proportional control is very good. Obviously, the virtual keyboard is not designed to cope with this model, it should be for the subsequent series of webOS device components that are specially designed.

The virtual keyboard is just tip of the iceberg. WebOS starting from 3.X, is going mobile and tablet system integration path, just like Android 4.X in case. But has just started to close.

Author Chen Zimu. Original address: zoopda

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