This artifact of pain can make you photo grins

During the holiday, taking pictures became a very important thing, whether it is a girl or a boy, wanted to own the most beautiful smiles and frozen by the beauty of the eternal journey of the screen.

However, not everyone knows how to take pictures when the pendulum Pose! Should show a hint of a smile, is to release the play Ecstasy burst into laughter, and arguably should be sexual, but France designer Sascha Nordmeyer make people grin designed artifact pain … …

This artifact called HyperLip, its main role was as photography props, enforced at take pictures of you when you open your mouth, show your teeth, gums, so you wouldn’t normally look. Cath Kidston galaxy note 3 case

If you don’t want to laugh, take it to outsiders you giggling!

Even if you are in pain and angry expression when … …

Even if you have Interestingly do not know how to smile … …

The little device that looks a little unnatural state, has also a purpose to remind everyone to learn to open communication, in this rather simple and crude way to convey to the people “to socialize, to communicate, to express the concept of”. Cath Kidston galaxy note 3 case

In 2011, the HyperLip prototype was unveiled at the Museum of modern art in New York held Talk to Me fair, and again in a photographic exhibition for the public, because Sascha Nordmeye has officially decided to make it into production.

If you really do not know how to Pose and take it with you … …

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Originally published at on February 22, 2016.

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