Why the second hand phone market in China is gray

Earlier this year, the Ministry announced a set of data: in 2014, China’s mobile phone market is 425 million units in shipments, new Subscriber to 57 million. Through this gap set of the data, we can conclude that the fact, which is that every year, there are a large number of mobile phones in China has been left idle.

If phone can be like people have consciousness of life, that most of them at the moment of being idle, means that life came to an end. According to United States Environmental Protection Agency published data, even in countries with the highest recovery rate of used mobile phones, the figure is less than 20%. While China has been less than 1%. Of course, even if the recovery rate is extremely low, but because of a large base, so the figure is large enough to support several industry chain.

Regular army and the motley crew

If the macro-control of the recycling of mobile phones there is no policy, then it can do only two things, either no one would do it, or destroy the natural environment. In China, the old mobile phone recycling and awareness is weak, there are ideas of reason. In addition, similar data breach under the influence of this kind of news, many people do not want cell phone to someone else. However, neither concept is data security, which is something that everyone has to face the problem, organizations open source Recovery Guide is the key factor.

In the United States, recovery of 50,000 units a day called ecoATM kiosk in recycling mobile phones, it is run through a complex set of algorithms, when people would throw old phones rates provide a price, people’s recovery of costs to an absolute minimum. Mobile phone recycling on the store and the line is very mature, in the presence of these means, 2013 total recovery across the United States by about 29 million electronic waste.

ReCellular is the United States largest mobile phone recycling companies, according to their estimates, 100 million used mobile phones in the 1600 tonnes of copper, 35 tonnes of silver and 3.4 tonnes of gold, 1.5 tons of Palladium, refinement of these heavy metals are important part of recycling benefits. But ReCellular is not recycled mobile phone a brain into refining machines, prior to this, ReCellular will detect some 15% common models of renovation, then the cell phone to a refurbished plants around the world.

With the United States than China’s recycling system is somewhat similar to, but voices are much smaller. So far, our recovery is mainly human, those in community recycling cell phones Uncle through a 10 Yuan, 20 Yuan, after getting the phone, the phone step by step summary, the last to arrive in the recovery business there. Although efficiency is very low, but in amounts based on the level of, this is a very good business. Statistics, as of the end of 13, enterprises of renewable resources of the whole society up to 10duowanjia, 80% for small and medium enterprises, electronic products are an important part. For a recycling business, however, the real difficulty is not about how to recycle, but how to recycle at the same time ensure environmental protection, this is the difference between regular army and troops. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Once the recycling business has become the regular army, it will be able to obtain State subsidies, at least to ensure no loss of the sale. But in order to get a qualification, recycling companies large amounts of recycling machines must be purchased from Europe and the United States, and environment to meet the national standards. This high threshold for finalist for general businesses,, so still have idea of the recovery would not be about environmental issues, and finally, the extent of the pollution, we can feel intermittent pollution news.

Of course, even in the regular army, and recovery will not open and transparent, in the recovery package in the process, as long as the pollution are not excessive, companies have a lot of space. Industry insiders tell Lei Feng network, China has now stringent bans entry of electronic waste, but China itself is also an e-waste power, output control is basically useless right now, so for the regular army, and sometimes exported to poorer places instead of recycling, profits come faster and more.

Couples workshops and online memorial arch

How many people in China engaged in mobile phone refurbished? The numbers no one has statistics, but certainly is, and recovery than its magnitude must be very large.

Bottom was the cell phone store, they used cell phones most of the active-site from consumers. But the ship rarely changed hands, because no matter how much value consumers won’t go straight to second-hand mobile phones. This ambivalence is self-employed selling after short Board behind.

Shenzhen has many such couples workshops, their job is to phones, turned to new, preferably new to realistic levels. Why do, naturally, is going to be to sell new machines. In these phones, the price is higher and higher profits. Industry officials told reporters that many on the market after they have been renovated out cell phone, basically nothing in the mainstream consumer market, so these phones eventually will bulk up to the third world, or 456-market in China.

And the high-end mobile phones, especially iPhone is sold openly in the many e-commerce platform, many take chances consumers will fall for it. Network aware of Lei feng, a treasure in the sale of so-called new iPhone, iPhone 5s ago model 90% is refurbished, and iPhone 5s is old and new have been mixed.

Of course, even master skills and then how to stand up to people tested, and is not available to have access to mobile phones is human. In that case, the “spell” was commonplace. Mobile complementary two issues to be a “new phone”, or on the phone who removed undamaged parts sold, for them is a good choice.

You know Apple has never sold original mobile phone parts, so if someone claims to parts of Apple Valley, either he is lying or he is derived from this channel. Of course, are not excluded from Apple Insider to the arrival (original parts).

Mole and the thief

If the above two methods are at the expense of the interests of consumers, it now is more targeted at mobile phone manufacturers, once again, especially apples.

As we all know, for a special reason, CCTV 315 after-sales service company of the year really dirty, but the industry will know, compared to Apple’s service is quite nice. According to Apple after sales regulations, if irreparable problems occur in a year, as long as not human damage, Apple will unconditionally to the user for a new cell phone, so not for cell phone, it is very important.

The second-hand phone market in China, so a group of people, they acquired through various channels not used iPhone, doesn’t matter even if it is damaged. After these people collected the phone and would have to find an Apple Insider, his hand has the right to determine whether repair phone in line with changing conditions. Of course, as a vested interest with no ethics, such judgment is there is no cost at all. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

Through a series of operations, when the phone is “treasure” in the future, they will be sold through the e-commerce platform to mobile PCs. From the consumer point of view, actually, this deal is no loss, the loss is Apple to local after sales budget. When Lei Feng network reporter asking whistle-blowers about the incident when he said: “it’s industrialization. ”

Each phone company has its regular sales channel, official shop, online store, agents, and besides, if you can buy normal phone at the platforms of non-authorized, is probably the situation.

Official and third party

Some industry people say second-hand mobile phones in China is a grey, in fact, the main reason is the way these three cannot see light. But besides these, in our life, there are still a lot of positive force in this matter.

First of all, worthy of mention is the mobile phone manufacturer initiative to recycle old cell phones on the market, it makes people think companies can lower the cost of refurbishment and scrapping of the machine, recycle the available parts. But industry people tell of Lei Feng network, this kind of thinking is a bit naïve. All mobile phone manufacturers are selling as much as production, inventory is always present, as long as you can control it in a healthy range. So the refurbishment business for firms, the greater is the value of brand marketing, refurbished machines are large enough, and to some extent, affect the sales of new machines, and vendor interests are contradictory.

In addition, the recycling costs more than direct procurement of spare parts procurement, which recovered from the State subsidies will see it, so most manufacturers to recycle old mobile phones is “pay” for agents to deal with. Then again, things did not look so good, but it is at least reasonable. Ignoring the interests of the consumers mobile phone manufacturers, made the new machine sells refurbished machines have even been doing things, is beneath contempt.

With the development of C2C, consumers can now phone selling directly to individuals through the Internet, say, 58, fair, free fish such secondary trading platform, every day there are lots of second hand mobile phone has been purchased. But in the process, values of these platforms are just tools, unable to play a role in safeguarding the interests of both sides, not to mention to do second hand mobile phone service. This, to a certain extent improved the consumer to purchase, so it is difficult to play a role in activating the market.

Nowadays, there are many second hand mobile phone platform enter the market, they also act as organizers and security role, by transforming the trading post for the Commission to obtain profits. This business model is very reasonable, because after all is traded both paid for a service. Throughout love recycling, buybacks, Zealer, FView these platforms, they themselves have a certain user base, and more challenges are operational, for example how operating costs (transaction cycle, human resources, and so on) to a minimum, how to avoid the legal and moral hazard (Monster machines, in Baoji).

Already mentioned at the beginning of the article, used cell phones is a market of great imagination. Although a variety of ways, but the real difficulty is that most consumer awareness has not formed the secondary processing. If at any point, when phone is idle, for the first time and want to go to and find a channel changing hands, the benefits, not to mention the at least Earth’s environment can also be a little better.

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