25 Things I Learned at Tribe Conference 2017

And Why I am Definitely Going Back in 2018

I was at Tribe Conference in Nashville this last weekend, an awesome gathering hosted by blogger/writer/teacher @JeffGoins.

I was the new guy, but then again, there were a lot of us who were new.

I was excited, apprehensive, ready to get inspired, not ready to meet a bunch of new people, tired from an already long week, and searching for answers.

Tribe Conference did not disappoint. It was everything I might have guessed and more.

Incredible speakers. Lots of new friends. Mind-blowing ideas about creativity, motivation, discipline, inspiration, calling, exhaustion, vision, ambition, networking….

I learned so much. I’m still processing it all.

Here are just some of the things I learned:

  1. We all get to be artists.
  2. Don’t assume you have to suffer for your art.
  3. Don’t go for “clarity of vision” — go for “trust of process.”
  4. The point of your journey is to gain something that you can bring home to share with others.
  5. Build a community around your “beloved readers” — learn to serve them by finding out where they go to find answers and solutions for their questions and problems.
  6. Feel free to be the weirdo in the room.
  7. Attention creates connection. Quality attention allows others to flourish. “Exquisite attention” paid to others allows them to become their best.
  8. Exercise stewardship over your gifts and let the results speak for themselves.
  9. Confidence is a learned skill.
  10. Problems exist at every level of work and life — use and share both your message and your mess.
  11. Pay attention to your frustrations.
  12. Listen to your life — know what you are about.
  13. Do one thing that breaks the rules.
  14. Imagine what might happen if you created as much as you consume.
  15. Curate: selectively project a single, focused thing. You will be known for one thing or you will be known for nothing.
  16. Get the imperfect words out.
  17. Show up every day.
  18. The majority of people in your audience want to know how to do what you do.
  19. Rest is the new hustle.
  20. Your best work is done in solitude.
  21. Overcome procrastination by “allowing yourself to step into the groundlessness of uncertainty about yourself and your future.”
  22. You must invest in yourself. You can’t add value to other people if you don’t value yourself.
  23. Focus on the things that don’t change.
  24. Halve your goals and make them fun.
  25. The people who find success are all the people who never quit trying even if they quit many, many times.

I’m going to Tribe Conference 2018. I already have my ticket.

If you want to grow as a writer and you are looking for a group of likeminded creatives, this is your tribe. Check it out.