Ideas need stories

People are not moved by ideas as much as they are drawn to stories because stories make them feel the ideas.

People do not want drugs. They want the feeling that drugs give them. Or the lack of feeling.

People do not care that much about alcohol as a thing in itself, but they do care that alcohol relaxes them, makes them feel happier, more courageous, and makes the people around them seem more beautiful.

This is why, as Maya Angelou said, that people may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

People will likely forget your idea, but will never forget your story that brings the idea life.

And it may be years before they can articulate the idea that lives in the story, or maybe that never happens, and yet maybe for the rest of their lives they will carry the germ of that idea around with them inside the story that they cannot get rid of.

People need stories because people need ideas that will live with them and not slip away.

We are haunted by stories.

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