Things that Small Businesses Can Do To Stay Optimized For Search Engines

Mose Kellogg
Jun 10, 2017 · 3 min read

SEO is one of the first things that come into the minds of entrepreneurs but, strangely, most of the people do not do anything substantial while establishing the startups. And the worse thing is that many of the entrepreneurs do not have any kind of marketing plan while establishing a business. While you may not be able to convince the small business owners with no marketing agenda to work on SEO, you can certainly remind the ones who consider marketing as a simultaneously important aspect of business initiation.

Going a bit further, it is worth discussing the importance sticking with the SEO best practices that may help your small business to stay optimized and, consequently, stay in the Google search results.

Don’t overly rely on your tactical approach

While SEO tactics can help you boost the traffic of your website, any algorithmic change will eventually bring your website’s position back to square one. Although, you may be able to reverse engineer the SEO approach to crack the algorithmic change in order to optimize the strategy, you will need to stick with the best generalized SEO practices to make sure that you don’t get off the Google’s radar. So, make sure that the content on your website is so impressive that Google wouldn’t want to push you down in the rankings. Furthermore, you can keep sharing insights and publishing related videos to consistently update the content of your website.

When it comes to off-page approach, there are certain things that you can do to keep your website getting traffic from other websites. For instance, you can contribute in the online forums related to niche of your website. Be honest while writing and try to benefit the others. People will surely like to write positive things about your business. This entire activity is definitely going to help your business by feeding it the necessary internet traffic it requires from other websites.

While Google keeps its algorithmic changes secret, it cannot underappreciate good foundational SEO practices even during the days of algorithmic changes. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on the tactical approach. In fact, it’s the right tactics that keep you in business. But you need to ensure that you have set the basics right.

The Meta descriptions

The reason for mentioning Meta description separately is that many people do not pay attention to the snippet that Google shows as an introduction of the websites. Google tends to save the users’ time by giving a little description of the website by picking the part of content from the web page’s body. If this description is not manually supplied by the site owner, Google picks information on its own. But you never know if the part of information being showed is actually from a bad user review. In that case, the viewers wouldn’t want to click your site as they would consider it a waste of time.