Moses Samuel’s Level 1 Essay Challenge

I want to be a software engineer because computer programming is something that I am VERY passionate about. Ever since I was eight years old, I knew that I wanted a job in the IT field. Over the years, I narrowed it down to software development. Given that I had a minister prophesy that one day I’d become a successful programmer, as well as the fact that I have a natural affinity for abstract thinking and problem solving, I believe that it is my calling to become a computer programmer.

I am actively working on my web development skills, and have been for the past two years. During my programming journey (which I’ve been on since the age of 15), I’ve picked up skills in various topic areas: from barebones computer science, programmable money / cryptocurrencies (notably the ethereum platform), data science, and machine learning, all the way to game development. More specific however to the skillset that’s catered to at Holberton, the skills and knowledge that I picked up during my web development journey has been just as broad, fun, and fruitful! (The proof is in the pudding — check out my Github account!)

Now, the primary reason why I want to attend Holberton is because of the structure and community support that is offered by your program. While self-learning to code, I’ve made tons of progress, but I’m not quite a seasoned developer yet. I believe that I will ultimately get there, and that I will reach my highest learning potential if I were in an environment such as Holberton’s: one where there are other passionate learners who can encourage me as we work together towards the common goal of becoming professionals; one where there are knowledgeable instructors who can guide me when I’m in the dark (which is quite a common place when you’re a software developer!).

Computer programming is what I was born to do. What Holberton offers facilitates the attainment of my goals, and is the key to unlocking my future.