It’s time to stop dreaming

This year has been one for the books! Nothing crazy really happened in my life (on the outside) but inside, there has been some major transformation.

Around this time last year, I really expected 2016 to be THE YEAR. I was so convinced that it would be the year all my dreams came true. I would move out of my house, start my career, etc. BUT to my surprise none of that happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disappointed about it but I’m also not happy about it! Despite all of that, I truly feel like this year I have been equipped to make things happen in 2017.

It was in May of this year that I had a life changing epiphany about the uses of social media to get ahead in my career. I am an Actor, and since I was five years old all I have ever wanted to do was be in movies, make my own movies and write my own scripts. When I was a kid I didn’t really have any control over my career because, I mean, I was a kid! I had to do what my mom said and if she said I could not go to an audition then that meant I couldn’t go. That’s it! But now, I am an adult and the course of my future depends on the actions I take now.

So like I said, May 2016, a few people told me that my videos on Snapchat were funny and that I should consider making videos on Vine (R.I.P) and so I downloaded the app and start making a few videos. To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling the vibe on Vine, mainly because it felt like I showed up late to a party. The traffic on vine was already dying and many of the more popular Viners were transitioning to YouTube and Instagram. Regardless of that, I was (and still am) determined to use social media to my advantage. Vine may have been shutting down but there were still other options, like Medium for example. I love writing and I wanted to start sharing what I have to say on a larger platform and not just in my notebooks. Boom! Started a blog. Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat are still flourishing and I don’t think they are shutting down anytime soon.

The reason this was so exciting to me was because before it was suggested that I should make videos online I had this rigid way of thinking about how I would start my career in the entertainment industry.

It was like:

  1. Go to audition
  2. Nail audition
  3. Get the role
  4. Blah blah blah

But NO! Something better was stirring inside of me.

I realized that I can do what I love now! I can build a team, write scripts and create films NOW! So after a few months of begging my friends to make videos we finally made our first video. 🎉

Watch it here!:


It was fun! And it was well received by many of our friends and family but that one video was not enough for me.

And that’s when it hit me. I have all these dreams, goals and ideas that have been stirring inside of me this year but not all of them came to fruition. A couple of them happened but not all of them and that’s my fault.

I was thinking about all of this last Friday and I realized that 2016 was all about dreaming for me but 2017 is all about taking action. I was envisioning and planning all the things that I wanted to see happen in my life. I built a clear-cut image of what I wanted and I maintained a burning desire to see it happen. But now it’s time to act on my faith.

faith without works is dead (James 2:20)

If I’m not actively building my future and working toward making my dreams happen and accomplishing the goals I have set for myself I am basically saying, through my actions, that my faith is dead.

My Pastor declared 2016 to be the year that we go from Good to Great. And that’s what I did. I had to learn, and grow and improve myself this year so that I can be prepared for 2017 the year of Peace, Prosperity and Multiplication. I know and believe that 2017 is going to be the year that my dreams truly begin to be my reality. I will be successful. I will prosper and I will have peace.

This year, I took some small steps. I started my blog, I made two videos, I wrote down every dream, goal and idea and now in 2017 I am going to act on them all. I am going to take everything higher. My blog is going to the next level. My videos are going to the next level. My career is going to the next level. I’m not just going to dream, I am going to do.

So my advice to you for the new year is to ACT. Take your dreams seriously enough to make them happen. Get a clear vision of what you want your future to look like and build that future. Having a dream is great but it is even greater to make that dream a reality. If you don’t take action you are going to look back on your life and be discontent because once again you just lived life by default and didn’t do anything to customize your existence. Is 2017 going to be the same as every other year for you? Or are you going to take control of your life?

I don’t know about you but I refuse to live another year without moving in the direction of my destination.

It’s time to wake up,

get out of bed

and make things happen.

Thank you for taking your time to read today’s entry. 2017 is going to be your year! Let’s do this!

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