You Pay How Much for Rent in San Francisco?!
Zachary Browne

I totally agree with your closing comments about …”it doesn’t have to be this way”…I’ve been here for almost 40 years, I’ve lived across the street from Dolores Park, in the Tenderloin , in the Castro area, the Richmond avenues, currently in SOMA , one block from Twitter hq, and have seen the incredible changes this city has gone through, but, as much as I love this city, it deeply saddens me to see the transition, the gentrification, the displacements of people that have been here for so long, who helped to build this city, but can no longer afford to stay. This is no longer the city that I came to in 1972, (of course), as a runaway teenager, and fell in love with. I do applaud the efforts made by the city and many org’s and churches, etc., to take care of the homeless, (wow, what an increase), however, the affordable housing issue needs to be re-evaluated and approached differently, in ways that benefit the middle and working class people who still must live here and invigorate this city!

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