A regular different day!

I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh and one of those who regularly reads posts on Medium but does not post anything. Basically, I am not a native English speaker and do many mistakes while I write in English (very weak in English if I say straight TBH).

As I said earlier, I am weak in English, but I love to read others write-up so I have decided to write regularly here. So, this is my first attempt here in English.

It’s not a normal thing for me to wake-up early in the morning but I did it today. I don’t know why but I couldn’t sleep again, may be the current hot temperature of Dhaka city is responsible for that. As the result of early waking up, I did not need to hurry for reaching office! ;)(Sssh! I am always late at office)

It’s been 8 months I have completed my bachelor of science in computer science and engineering from North South University which one of the most reputed university of country. I am working here (my office, DataCraft Ltd) as web developer trainee since last February. Trust me, first few days were very boring and I almost hated this routine work things.. Come to office before 10.30, consult with senior developer, do simple things, then do lunch and start work again then wait till 6 to sing out from the office. I don’t know exactly when I have started loving these things..May be I start to loving these things when I start to consider these things as my regular habit. Moreover, new things added in my work-list at office which are new to me and I love to learn new things (though I successfully fail learn anything properly in first few attempts).

See, I lost my focus on topic and started gossiping! What I was saying that I had less pressure at work today so I went to take lunch earlier today then I took permission from office to go to my university (where I am an alumni now! :( OMG, I still cannot imagine that it is not my present university anymore!)

There was a reason behind taking permission for going university today. In our engineering faculty, there is a course which is unofficially called ‘final year project’ course and today was the project show-case presentation day. Officially this showcase presentation name is ‘Capstone Project Showcase’. I start for university exactly at 2pm. The distance between my office and my university is almost 1km. I reach there after 20 minutes.

(From left) Favorite junior brother Tuhin, writer ;) , Senior brother Munna Bhai, my friend Iva

Though today was our junior batch’s project showcase but I met some old friends there. Moreover, I saw some awesome projects which was done by current students!

I really impressed by some projects like hand-mask controlled wheel-chair for disables, healthcare app for pregnant women, robot for disables etc.

Okay. Here I’m stopping today. I know it was a not read-worthy write-up but I am including some photos and project posters to makeup my bad writing. I hope these beautiful posters will be more enjoyable to see than my structure-less writing!

Photo Credit goes to Tuhin Tushar.

BTW, it took more 30 extra minutes to reach office! Remember that.. I am always late! ;)