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Why I decided to make Medium my Publication Platform

Moshe Forman
Oct 20, 2018 · 3 min read
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Note: I have been asked by many relatives and friends to explain why I choose to publish my work on the Medium platform. This article is by way of a reply.

I used to love Sundays. I’d wait in earnest by the living room window for my father to return from the newsagent. When I saw him walking up the path with the huge pile of papers in his arms I would rush to open the front door and wait impatiently till he put the pile down on the kitchen table. I would grab my magazines and run to my bedroom to begin an hour or two of reading bliss.

I was a precocious reader. My favourite weeklies were the political New Statesman, the social issue publication New Society, and the satirical Punch. Of those, only the New Statesman is still published. New Society, alas, was absorbed into the New Statesman at some point, and Punch has ceased publication.

The internet means that the expectation of waiting has gone, probably forever. Our websites are available any time, anywhere. However, with Medium, I have at least partial discovered the expectation of opening up a magazine on a new day and discovering the treasures inside. Medium is, in fact, multiple publications, and I can choose my favourites, both as a reader and a writer.

One pleasure that I thought had disappeared from the world was the novel published in instalments. Many of my favourite authors, such as Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy, published their great works as weekly episodes. Inspired by these greats, I had written my book, “The Shovan Chronicles” using a similar structure, in which each chapter was designed as an episode. I had been looking for a suitable channel to publish in the weekly format, and Medium seemed a perfect framework for such a project. The curators at Lit Up liked the idea, and they are now publishing he instalments.

I felt I was among kindred spirits when I added my own writing to the platform.

So for me, Medium was a way to rediscover, at least in part, the nostalgic pleasures of reading. I felt I was among kindred spirits when I added my own writing to the platform.

The lack of advertising is a critical feature of Medium. It means that I can write for my readers, and not worry about supplying click-bait for the advertisers. The subscription model, in which the reader pays a very reasonable $5 per month, means that writers can receive remuneration for their work. It also makes the pages more pleasing to read, as they are not cluttered with advertisements. You can access many articles without paying the subscription, but many articles, including most of mine, are not available (although each month you can access a small number for free). It is the writer who decides if the article will be available for free, or for subscribers only.

I hope you enjoy the writing and look forward to meeting up regularly on the pages of Medium.

Moshe Forman

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When I’m not a poet, novelist, or writer of short stories, I’m a writer of creative non-fiction exploring Self, Food, Society and History.

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