Moshe,Thanks for sharing your knowlege.
Daniel Wang

Great question.
First, let me say that I respect and value my influencers greatly.
That being said here’s what I offer the influencers:

1) Free product for them
2) Replenishments if / when they need them
3) Free product for them to offer as incentives to any interactive posts they want to create
4) The opportunity to have an effect on our product designs and developments for the benefit of those that use it which is usually them and their followers.
5) The very real possibility of paid work down the line. I explain that our initial strategy is not to roll out with a small amount of paid influencers but rather with a large number of brand partners and so in the beginning we offer all of the above benefits to the influencers but after enough time has passed we will choose the few influencers that worked best with us and we will come to them with budgets to do more ambitious things.

Thanks for reading and I hope that helps