Dear Igloo Guy,

I know your struggle. To me, it’s all too real. Why, just the other millenia, I was telling one the Levites about how we should try to rent out our sukkot- temporary huts, and try to earn a few gold coins for the time we’re sojourning the wilderness, and not occupying them.

He had just finished sacrificing a lamb, when he looked up to me and said “Please don’t distract me, I don’t want to be burned by the Holy Fire of G-d about to accept this burnt offering on behalf of the Jewish people.” Later in the day, however, he confessed to me that he could use the extra income to save up for his daughter’s dowry-fund.

We sat there, chewing on our Manna, mine tasted like a cronut, his like sushi I think. And so I whipped out my galaxy note, and logged on to airbnb.

Your igloo story inspired me so much that ANY AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE TO RENT OUT!

I figured with the clouds of Glory being listed as security/safety from arrows being shot at us by nearby nations waging war, a 24/7 dry-cleaning service, and a divine custom tailor ensuring our clothes always fit, GPS built into ever Cloud, and Free WIFI — I stand a chance of turning a pret-ty little profit.

This morning I logged online and saw your listing was removed :(

Still, I went ahead and put it up hoping the airbnb ppl would understand the importance of having a dwelling place in this world — NOW available on their website.

Here’s the listing:

Hang in there, Igloo Guy, if they shoot down my listing as well, I’m coming over with a bowl of lentil soup so we can “sit shiva” [mourn] together — but also, afterwards, we can watch the superbowl together in your igloo!!!