The new place to be heard – Social Media — Do I need it? What is the huge fuss?

Are you?

Are you a developer or a manager that doesn’t have time to publish a post in linkedin about your great work?

Are you a professional that keeps the great knowledge for yourself at work (and doesnt have a blog)?

Are you an executive that doesn’t spread your great product’s news in the internet?

Are you a designer that doesn’t share your great ideas in Dribbble?

Are you a very good manager that doesn’t understand what is the fuss around publishing your team’s great times in instagram?

Are you a manager that doesn’t give the customers a direct connection to the development team?

Well, its not that you will not succeed or find a job later in your career or recruit great people to your team or will not sell — you may, although you ignore Social Media.

The Battlefield

Its that you will not be part of a parallel battlefield happening in the Social Media.

Field that runs forward and determines the next leaders of the market / public opinion of the community.

Field that runs tons of information to digest and conclude, including your competition’s…

Field that big companies (and small ones) are fighting to be advertised and mentioned a lot in order to be there in the community unconscious.

Field that your next employees are feeded by what your competition tells them, making them think that you are not as good as the other workplaces for them.

Field that your potential customers are part of, fed by information that may kill your product or harm it dramatically.

“Battlefield is a series of first-person shootervideo games that started out on Microsoft Windows and OS X with Battlefield 1942, which was released in 2002.”, Wikipedia.

Battlefield, the game, is all about social. Its rules are simple, If you are not there no one knows about you, even if you are a great shooter and may lead the charts.

If you are there, your competition is huge and grows while you are a “couch potato”, doesn’t believe in showing off your skills there.

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