Build brand by customer experience

“There are three big drivers that can really drive the relationship with customers, purpose, trust, and intelligence“ — Billy Seabrook

“理念、信任和智慧是三項最能夠驅動顧客關係的三個重要要素” — Billy Seabrook

On the SDGC15 talk, Billy Seabrook illustrated the brand value built by the customer experience. It consists three important elements: purpose which from my perspective is more like value proposition of service; intelligence which represents what innovation you bring; and trust represents how you enhance bonding.

在2015的全球服務設計大會上,Billy Seabrook從品牌價值的建立談到驅動顧客關係的重要元素:理念代表的就像是品牌的價值主張,而智慧代表的是這個品牌帶來什麼樣的創新,還有最後就是如何加強和顧客的連結。

This diagram also can be applied to analyse business. He took many enterprises for example including the popular stars: Uber and Airbnb. This can be beneficial for understanding what and how we do for the relationship between business and customers.

舉例來說,這個框架也可以用來分析既有的品牌。Billy Seabrook分別以Uber和Airbnb來做舉例,帶我們進一步去了解,在經營與顧客的關係中,企業該去思考如何透過理念和執行的一致性,去深化顧客關係。

See full talk on Yourtube

You may find this diagram similar to value proposition canvas which highlights the interrelationship between business value and user need. The biggest reason is that when you put user in the center of your business and consider from their perspective, how the bonding is built becomes clearer. It is pretty much about the interaction between your business and your customers at different touch points. People would firstly consider what can you do for me and what advantage your service can offer. They all impact how user perceive your product or service.


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