Food and the workplace
Chief of engineers
Chief of engineers: “This is so nice to walk around the park, eat in a cafe or at work during the lunch break. It all depends on the weather and mood.

The tram driver, having announced the next stop, took a bite of his sandwich and we drove on. Looking at the thoughtfully chewing driver, I was curious, how people in different professions dine: who eats without detaching from the monitor, does not leave the home office, or snacks on the run while solving the problems that have accumulated throughout the day, and who eats in a mindful manner? Dinner, as it turned out, is very personal process, because food is for not only our sustinence, but it also provides an occasion to meet, talk and have a good time.

A plastic box is the most popular model in my pictures. In the box, we might find man’s favorite dish from his beloved wife, carefully wrapped sandwich from mother or a hurriedly assembled lunch from the remnants of breakfast. Take food from home and warm it up at work – convenient, quick and cheaper than in a cafe or pizzeria. Moreover, the taste of such food reminds us of home and comfort. In addition, people sometimes just do not have enough time for a full dinner. The employees of the offices joked that if I had not come to take pictures of their lunch, they would have sat there, burying themselves on the screen and not seeing each other. A shared meal is a good way to build communication in the modern world.

The instructor of a riding school
The instructor of a riding school: “My working day starts at eight in the morning. I feed the horses, I clean the stalls, and then I deal with the pupils. I don’t have enough time for big dinner”.
Cooks at university cafeteria
Cooks: “Delicious lunch is the result of our work. We eat what we cooked”.
Travel agency employees
Travel agency employees: “We rarely get to eat together. Especially in the hot season. We order food in a cafe, bring from home and eat in turn. The office should always have an employee and communicate with customers”.
Geographer: “In the morning I conduct classes. Then students come for consultations. Lunch is the right time to rest and talk with the staff of the department”.
School teacher
School teacher: “I spend a lot of time with children — we do our lessons together, read books and, of course, have dinner”.
Buddhist monk
Buddhist monk: “Everyone should be in harmony. Moreover, the meal should be like that”.
Worker at monastery
Worker at monastery: “I have to fiddle with a lot of cooking. Peel potatoes, boil soup, and sometimes dumplings. I love dumplings with meat”.
Employee at pet shop
Employee at pet shop: “My wife cooked dinner for me- potatoes with mushrooms. The store has a special place, where you can warm up food and relax”.
Wedding photographer
Wedding photographer: “I’m waiting for the baby. While I have time, I manufacture wedding albums for my customers. Now I like cottage cheese”.
Graphic designers
Graphic designers: “We have a large team and a big refrigerator. However, most of all we like to eat bread — toast, sandwiches and buns”.
Engineer: “We have a wonderful tradition — we have lunch together. This is an excellent occasion to talk and get away from work. We treat each other with homemade food and in turn bring the cookies and tea”.
Dentist: “I work on shifts and, as a rule, have dinner at home. At work, there is no time for dinner. Nevertheless, I like to drink tea with sweets”.
Irish dance instructor
Irish dance instructor: ”I like to dance — Irish dances give the opportunity to feel like an easy feather, but for this you have to do a lot and do not overeat”.
The director of art-café
The director of art-café: “I have a busy schedule and lunch is not always included. But, to drink tea or coffee at lunch-time is a pleasant ritual for me.

A shared meal is a good way to build communication in the modern world.

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