The first on a new platform

Here we are the weekend before the new school year and I’m calmly writing a new blog. That must mean one thing: I’m totally ready for a new group of kiddos. My room looks very un-kelly-like. It’s organized. It’s clean. It has a really good literacy and math plan. There’s a science corner where the kids are going to do simple science projects. There’s book bags that are going to hang on their chairs (The daily 5 gave me this idea) for free reading time. It’s just so cute and ready. I’m very excited about this year for a few reasons. For one, I’m not a new teacher (new as in my first year teaching in the States, but third year overall) going through student teaching AT THE SAME TIME. I have a bit more confidence in how I’m going to run the classroom. I have a better (or more realistic) idea of how to manage classroom behavior. However, the biggest thing I’m excited about is I know the kids coming into my room. It’s not a totally new environment, in a new classroom, a new teaching team, a new group of parents, etc, etc. I have a pretty good idea of what is ahead. That, above everything else, is very comforting.

Turner is growing like a weed. Speaking every chance he can get (and many times in complete sentences) and loving learning new things, this kid is ready to turn two. We don’t have big plans for his birthday as he’s still at that age that he doesn’t get what a party or birthday is. However, we still are going to do a cake, I’ll film the day, if people bring presents great (however our house is overflowing with an absurd amount of toys), and there will be a grill pumping out all kinds of yummy foods and football on t.v. This poor kid is forever linked to a sports themed birthday.

I know that I promised a travel video of our adventures back in Alabama. However, I’ve been fighting with a dying computer and have just gotten it back. Editing and posting soon to follow!

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