The beginning of my fitness journey (Thanks to my kids)

My elder son, Dylan started Primary 1 this year and as a result (as we stay quite far from the school) I am waking up at 0545hrs every morning to drive him and drop him off at school by 0715hrs.

So between 0715hrs and 0930hrs (which is when I start work), I have about 2 hours of spare time on my hands and I planned it such that I can schedule in workouts and classes between this time.

I signed up for a fitness subscription in November 2015 through KFIT, which is similar to ClassPass. So far I have tried functional fitnes, crossfit intro, yoga, pilates, gym.

So far this has been my schedule for the past 3 weeks

Week 1

Mon – Pilates Reformer 1 hr

Tue – Cycling 25km

Wed – Yoga 1 hr

Thu – Functional Trg 1 hr

Fri – Swim 6 laps

Sat – Rest

Week 2

Sun – Rest

Mon – RIOT interval trg 1 hr

Tue – Rest

Wed – Cycling 23km

Thu – Functional Trg 1 hr

Fri – Swim 18 laps

Week 3

Sun – Swim 20 laps

Mon – Run 4km

Tue – Swim 20 laps

Wed – RIOT interval trg 1 hr

Thu – Iyengar Yoga 1 hr

Fri – Swim 20 laps

Sat – Swim 20 laps

So far its been great, I feel more energetic, I sleep before 2300hrs, not that sleepy after lunch. The ultimate goal is to complete the Individual Sprint Triathlon held in September this year (

Will update along the way as I progress……