How to Start Making Change in Your Life??!! PART 2

start feeling your best~

What is up beautiful, beautiful people?!! So I want to continue to talk about my journey and path to betterment, understanding, knowledge and self awareness in the hopes you can gain your first baby step as well!

So I left off with me laying on the bathroom floor…continuing to ask others (whom by the way had no phukcing clue about health or nutrition) for help and it was just a cycle a continuation of me being on this hampster wheel that I could not get off. As a side note here I would like to insert the present day looking back HUMMMM moments - I never wanted to take matters into my own hands at that point I wanted someone else to tell me what to do, basically laziness, lack of knowledge, and not wanting to put in the time because in the end that is what it is- effort and time, because NO ONE KNOWS YOUR BODY LIKE YOU DO- NO ONE!!…I think this resonates with our society in general. Also the ADVISE I was taking was from those who had no phucking business giving advice but again because I was asking they were giving. I equate it to this if you were going to get lesson’s on how to be a parent you would think the teacher had kids, if they didn’t it would be kinda weird…if you were going to get healthy from someone who was 200 pounds overwieght…do you get what I’m getting at?)

It came to the point where the BS of “this is just how it goes” and the slue of lame ass band aid’s just did not help. I was drinking coffee because I was told it was an afternoon ‘pick me up’… and ps it was like ‘do you want some coffee with your sugar and flavoured creamers’… because I did not like coffee not realaizing the sugar boost only last for a while then you crash even harder, it was causing inflimation (swelling up my joints), producing cortisol(so I could not sleep) I was not ever drinking water…like I said I was on the HAMSTER WHEEL.

As I type… I reflect; I think at some point without knowledge we give our power away to those who we think have that knowledge we are seeking to obtain or we just lose our inner power/strength because we just assume we don’t have any…. a very, very sad state to be in and I was there for years and I think at some point we have either all been there or may be there! KNOW THIS THERE IS HOPE

After the bathroom episode I was moving a ladder for a job and my back went out, I recovered then it went out again, then my neck tightened up and I was barely able to move it, I noticed my rock hard stomach was getting a little softer, there were other stomach issues as well after I would eat, my energy was low in the afternoon, my sleep paterns were way out of wack…so after about almost 2 years of these things happening over and over again I thought this just can not be right…can it

Again I think I knew subconsciously something was changing in my body and not for the better as I described. Understsand again please these did not happen all at once, but I was aware of them. They just kept adding up little by littel but they also just sneak up on you in such a way that if you just somewhat ignore them as a whole you could miss it…I’m sure until a time or age when it’s un ignorable.

For me this was the 3rd time my back went out in like a matter of 3 maybe 4 months. I had — had enough it would take me 3–4 days to recover each time and honestly it was just pissing me the phuck off more than anything. So I finally decide to book a chiropractic appointment…my first.. my first step on my own journey.

Now the story of BABY STEP’S FORWARD starts: please join me again for the start of my amazing journey to betterment and empowerment…you rock and thank you for your time~