Positive Thinking-Positive Vibes (Part 3)

Yes yes it’s part 3 baby! So you are still here, still reading, still learning, still vibing- then this must be for you! I plan to take all I have learned and continue to learn through all my training and pass it on…I was blessed enough to have the light shine on me so I want to be able to pay it forward to you. Dont get it twisted I am not some kind of foo foo do gooder, what I am though is someone who understands how all this work I put in actually can changes your life and I truly think can change the way you see the world. That power in itself is indescribable and I would also say that the possibilities, opportunities, and vastness of change are limitless because once you start seeing what you have been taught or maybe even (sold) your entire life up to this point may not be the whole story and once we can learn to see our mind for what it is…a tool. We then can use it…yes use our most powerful tool, instead of allowing the mind to use and run us and our lives. This is so powerful that thankfully it does not happen overnight if it did I think there would have been some type of overload. So we just plug away at it bit by bit and before you know it day after day things just keep changing for the better.

Now again this does not mean its all sun shine and unicorns all day errr day!

If anyone ever ever tries to sell you on that..laugh, then run. In the end it is hard work because we are forcing oursleves to unlearn everything we have taken in since birth form our parents, society, school, media/TV/movies. The question then becomes and I state this because as you can image in 10 years I have seen so so many people come and go, the question then becomes; Am I worth it?

If you say YES! Phuck YES I am worth it then I can guarantee you this much that POSITIVE THINKING AND POSITIVE VIBES will pay off 10 fold. There is absolutely no way it won’t and getting back to the question at hand ‘am I worth it?’ So if you are and it takes a few months of dedication, time and effort before it becomes habitual(which it will) but in the end the pay off is limitless then the ROI is something only FaceBook or Warren Buffet could dream on investing in. Do you feel me on this one? Investing in yourself is magic, I don’t think there is a higher or better place or form of investment!! Yaaaa put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

Let’s talk about the change…and here I want to give you some examples of how for me personally POSITIVE THINKING and the time put in bettering myself has allowed me to see things differently, understand things way more clearly and allowed the PAUSE that slows the emotional response triggers from our old reptilian brain. Ok first off I went from thinking that things just happen either to us or around us to coming to terms with the understanding there are energies and higher powers around us at play and we can tap into this (and by higher powers I do not reffer to religions). Awareness — one of the most looked over factors, I mean to be able to confidently sit in your own mind, body, and soul to be aware of what is happening to you- around you- within you I mean this right here is more than worth the price of admission, don’t go to your grave not realizing this one potential. How does this relate to your day to day life? Well in any situation I now have the ability to see how the circumstance is effecting all aspects of ‘myself’ again mind body soul. Staying on the energy topic it also started to become clear to me that there were energy vampires out there -these people and you may either know some or may even have some of these tendencies as I know I did, they are what I refer to as having that rain cloud over them 24/7. They are not so much interested in listening or talking but rather re packing this negative/fearful energy and just having a big pitty party fest about how everything thats wrong in the world happens to them…(as they sip their $7 latte?!!!) I was able to drop all these people like bad habbits! This was not easy either because I had that F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) issue- I wanted to still be part of the crew, so again it took some time- yet the more I distanced myself the easier it became, the better I felt…and here is the real magic “when you drop something or get ride of something you create an opening for something new and for me the people that I then attracked into my life where of this higher vibration. What I mean by this is if you have a closet full and I mean floor to ceiling full of stuff, there is no way to put anything else in there, correct. Yes until you what?…get ride of some of the things that NO LONGER SERVE YOU OR YOUR SOULS PURPOSE, allowing for space!

This space I speak of is what it’s all about…it’s what is! It’s where creativity comes from, it’s how we are guided by the higher energies, it’s what allows us to be! To flow! To vibe! To heal! To be human! SPACE…let’s talk more about this on our next meet up!!