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A myriad of benefits no one thought of are being discovered every day as companies, and startups in particular are forced to embrace remote working. Government officials have marveled at the impact on public health from social distancing and reducing unnecessary travel. My selfish, personal discovery has been how much ditching the commute and cutting the lunchtime sushi has had an impact on my bank balance! Putting my management hat on for a moment though, I’ve noticed there are more subtle and unexpected benefits emerging from our new way of working.

Productivity can be increased through 3 means: reducing costs…

Can headrest entertainment survive the online revolution? Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

There are certain rituals that all frequent flyers share. One that could soon be on it’s way out though is preparing to entertain yourself for the mind (and bum) numbing hours sat your seat. Some of us load our tablets with movies, others download playlists onto their phone, the more driven among us might do work on a laptop and some of us still cling to the faintly old fashioned pursuit of reading magazines and books. …

Coffee being poured from a glass jug into a mug with “Ugh” on it
Coffee being poured from a glass jug into a mug with “Ugh” on it
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No matter how you choose to organise your work, whether with Kanban, sprints or even a plain old spreadsheet, if you put garbage in you get garbage out. When it comes to DevOps work the process of planning seems prone to failure even more so than regular development work.

Some companies split the DevOps function out into a separate team, others embed it within scrum teams but, no matter where your expertise is placed, the planning problems remain the same. Work seems to come in last minute, throwing out your team’s hard fought and often difficult planning. The requirements fall…

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Getting the culture right in a team can be the key to soaring success or the cause of disastrous delays and toxic recriminations. If you’re like me you often think of the impact of your work and if it makes a difference in the world. I used to think that only those with worthy jobs such as scientists, doctors or charity workers could really make a difference. I’d been thinking about corporate culture and the kind of impact it can have when I realised that here was a path to making a difference no matter what job I was working.

When I first saw photos of Elon Musk appear in my feed, stood in front of what looked like a low-quality place holder rendering, I jumped on the band wagon to make fun of it. Like so many I assumed that this was one of the famous gaffs made by Elon. Hey, not every long shot can be a hit, right?

The pundits slammed it. The social networks were alight with memes, ridicule and commentary. The exposure Cybertruck was generating for Tesla was a huge success, even as we all doubted it would live to see production. …

Gavin Harcourt

DevOps manager, culture champion and fab unicorn.

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